Team Power!

Sitting here writing this week from a shaded spot in the garden, summer is finally here for us all to enjoy !  ☀️.

This week, I have had a number of calls and emails from perspective clients looking for support in getting to grips with their health issues or wanting to get to the bottom of niggling symptoms and I have spent time discussing different solutions to begin working through these. Some of these perspective clients clearly needed individualised tailored support so one to one work is always best here but for some, group programmes would be perfect for them and something they would never have considered as an option.

That got me thinking about how we all work in different ways in our field of expertise and zone of genius and unless we tell people about it then how would they know whether it’s something that would benefit them? I am not one for shouting about what and how I work as I’m sure a lot of you don’t either – how very British of us ! – but I do know that the group programmes that we run on-line for the last 5 years have been so incredibly powerful to a lot of women and the feedback we receive is truly transformational for some.

Group programmes & group activities are known to be powerful allies in your pursuit to make habitual change. Group health initiatives can provide the winning formula by providing the following:

  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Connectivity

You know that feeling when you want to do something but a little scared to venture out your comfort zone on your own? You think about it, you weigh up the pro’s and con’s, you talk yourself out of it and then talk yourself back in and eventually you feel better if a friend, partner or colleague say they will do it with you and all of a sudden, your excited and a little less nervous? Having others there to support you provides motivation and makes us feel connected to something a little bigger than just ourselves.

This is what group programmes can provide – a helping hand, support when the going gets tough and inspiration drawn from those around you. Our reset group programmes are such a lovely way to connect to like-minded people and gain support from both myself and my group programme business partner, Becca who is founder of TheseMumsDo Fitness. Together, we help get you moving and nourished ❤️.

Becca recently interviewed two previous attendees about their experience, here is what they had to say:

Our next group online programme – Summer Nutrition Kickstart is a 14 day will be starting on Monday 8th July so if you fancy a challenge, looking to gain more energy and embed healthy habits then this one is perfect to try. Book your place here and look forward to seeing you there!