The Hormone Harmony Retreat!

Day Retreat with a difference

The Hormone Harmony Retreat

Do you long to escape from the day-to-day grind and spend the day being pampered?

Do you love being amongst a group of like-minded women which leaves you feeling empowered and energised?

Do you want to feel supported, connected and heard?

The Hormone Harmony Retreat is designed to kick back, relax and let Debbie guide you to Hormone Harmony.

Is This You?

  • You long to take some time to yourself and escape in a beautiful environment designed to make you feel relaxed and energised.
  • You love being with like-minded women and feed off the uplifting energy within a safe space.
  • You long to feel pampered and supported whilst educating yourself on what is right for your body.
  • You are feeling fat, fuzzy or frazzled and want to feel empowered to make a change.
  • Your confused with all the buzz hormone health expert’s tips and don’t know what will work for you?
  • Your hormones are making you miserable and you feel like you have no control.

Imagine … IF

You woke feeling energetic and bounced out of bed.

You feel in control of your emotions and those mood swings are a distant memory.

You had a strategy THAT WORKS to balance your hormones!


SheThrives: Hormone Harmony Retreat!

In this 1-day retreat, I will teach you simple strategies to get your hormones balanced and leave you feeling happy, healthy and in control. We will be busting myths around hormones and weight loss and with guest speaker, Dr Nicole Green, founder of The Green Menopause Clinic in Wilmslow, will guide you through medical strategies including HRT to empower you to make informed decisions to support your hormones. We will debunk the myths surrounding hormones, menopause and provide tangible solutions and strategies to empower you in these mid-life years.

Meet Your Retreat Host

Debbie Gallimore Registered Nutrition Therapist is a health & wellbeing expert in female health, hormones, and weight loss resistance. She has over 10 years clinical experience in women’s health and has supported 100’s of women in regaining control of their hormones, weight, and energy.

Debbie will guide you through the strategies she utilizes in clinic to achieve balance and vibrancy.

Her mission is simple:

To inspire and lead woman to transform their health, energy, and vibrancy to live life to their fullest potential.

Guest Speakers

Dr Nicolle Green

Is a GP with a special interest in the menopause. She divides her time between her busy NHS practice in Salford, and The Green Menopause Clinic, which offers both face to face and online private appointments. At the clinic, she specialises in providing patients with the time to really explore every aspect of their symptoms, arriving at the best plan together.


I have been a Physiotherapist for over 20 years and an APPI trained Pilates instructor for almost as long! As a Physiotherapist I predominantly treat women with a variety of musculoskeletal issues and have a special interest in women’s pelvic health. I teach a variety of Pilates classes each week including a post-natal class and all my classes focus on stretching and mindful breath work, almost as much as strengthening. I am passionate about getting my clients active and moving for both their physical and mental well-being. Claire will provide a relaxing Pilates and breath work session for us all to enjoy and leave us energised.

This Retreat is for you if:

  • You long for a day without any responsibilities and get back to being you !.
  • You want to feel energised after a day spent with like-minded women.
  • You want to learn how to support your hormones to help bring balance and harmony into your life.
  • You’re experiencing weight gain that is destroying your self-esteem.
  • You know it’s your hormones but don’t know where to start to make a change with all the conflicting information.
  • You’re not sure what medical support is best for you and if HRT will help.

Join us on Saturday 16th November for the first SheThrives Hormone Harmony Day retreat to get clear hormonal strategies that work with talks from our experts, a beautiful hormone balanced lunch and a relaxing breath work and pilates class in the beautiful studios at Spaceatthemill, Castlefield.

What you will walk away with:

  • Expert tips on how to balance your hormones naturally.
  • Recipes to support your hormone harmony journey
  • Clarity on why you feel the way you do and what easy steps to put into practice to support you.
  • Relaxed and energized after a beautiful immersive breath and body work class.
  • Motivated and inspired after a day with like-minded woman.
  • A beautiful hormone balancing lunch whilst chatting to like-minded women

How to book your spot!

If this retreat is what you have been waiting for and you’re itching to claim your place then we would love to see you there. We have kept costs to a minimum as we want to connect with as many women as we can so for just £99, you can join us on Saturday 16th November 10am – 4pm to learn all about how to get your body back into balance and reclaim your joy.

We have just 20 places at our Hormone Harmony Day Retreat and have kept the cost low to ensure that its affordable for all. We know places will fill fast so to book your place, just click on the link below with payment of £99 and we will see you there xx

What Some of my clients had to say

It sounds like a cliche, but I feel like a new woman! I feel better at 43 than ever! My skin is better my diet is better and I’m constantly improving my strength and fitness. I have developed an interest in health and nutrition and continue to listen to and read up on the latest research, it’s fascinating!

“Who would have thought 6 months ago and in my late 50’s I would be 63 pounds lighter?!  It is a dream come true.  I have been able to tackle any challenge, deadline, test, writing papers in university, developing presentations, advertisements, training programs, award submissions and so on, in my life.  But…my weight has always been an unachievable goal.  Until you.

When I hit 46, I felt like I had been hit by a truck and had very little understanding as to how to get back to feeling like myself. This programme saved me!